KeyLemon Technology Secures Devices and Data

KeyLemon’s Desktop Application provides a convenient, hands-free way to secure your Tablet PC. KeyLemon facial recognition technologies take advantage of the Tablet PC's built-in, on-board cameras to instantly authenticate users using stored profiles. Comparing 20 points of reference, KeyLemon facial recognition securely verifies users at login and can periodically conduct spot checks to ensure only the verified user continues to use the device. In addition, eye blink and head position monitoring eliminate ID spoofing attacks using still images and other techniques.

To provide reliable verification in changing lighting conditions, KeyLemon facial recognition technology scales and photometrically normalizes incoming multi-resolution face data before handing the information to an advanced neural network that continually learns and tunes itself for optimal recognition time and superior accuracy. Their advanced algorithms can also compensate for beards and other changing facial features, as well as accessories, such as eyeglasses and hats.

To Get Started

  1. Simply download the free version of the KeyLemon desktop application and install it on your Tablet PC.
  2. After trying it, use one of the links below to go to KeyLemon's store and purchase a corresponding license with your TabletKiosk customer discount (automatically applied using the links below).
  3. Enter the licensing information into the free version of the application to unlock your extended features. It's that simple!

For more information on installing and using KeyLemon's desktop application, check out the online User's Guide.