Why TabletKiosk?

Why choose TabletKiosk over a more, well-known PC manufacturer? That's a good question. We have many good answers. Not the least of which is that to us, Mobility Matters®. That means we strive to do mobile computing better with increased product longevity and systems and accessories with a true business focus. Every decision TabletKiosk makes with respect to product design is focused on providing maximum return on investment (ROI) for its customers. We have been selling commercial grade Tablet PCs to businesses for over ten years, so we have learned a few things about what businesses need over that time.

Tablet Experience

TabletKiosk has been a leading manufacturer of commercial grade Tablet PCs since 2003. That's years before most PC manufacturers even knew what a tablet was. Additionally, when Tablet PCs first hit the scene, we were one of the very first to incorporate touch screens. Microsoft was focused on pen computing and thought we were crazy. We've been incorporating touch screens since day one.

Product Life Cycles

Most consumer tablets are only current for 6 - 12 months. TabletKiosk commercial grade Tablet PCs are current and available for 18 - 24 months, and fully supported for up to 36 months (or longer with a custom service contract). That means that you don't have to worry about product availability 12 - 18 months into your project time line. A lifesaver for drug trials and other regulated industries where systems must remain the same for the entire deployment.

Product Compatibility

Our Tablet PCs feature expansion modules and user replaceable batteries that are compatible across most of our product lines. That means if your have a mix of different tablets, your bar code scanner and mag stripe modules and extra batteries will work with all your TabletKiosk Tablet PCs.

Backwards Compatibility

Most manufacturers not only upgrade their hardware more frequently, but when they do, their entire product ecosystem is changed as well. That means the dock or case you purchased with your old system is likely incompatible with the new system you just bought. TabletKiosk maintains at least two generations of product compatibility with every system design that we manufacture. That means that even if you do decide to purchase an updated Tablet PC for your project, the dock you already purchased will still be compatible, saving you money.

Full PC I/O

Most PC manufacturers only include a small smattering of I/O ports on their tablets, and even then they are minified or micro-sized. TabletKiosk includes a full range of PC standard I/O ports on our systems. That means at least two (2) or more USB 3.0/2.0 ports, RJ45 for Gigabit Ethernet, separate audio in and out ports, and even eSATA, DisplayPort and true RS-232 on some models. This gives you maximum flexibility.

Customer Support

To save costs, most manufacturers outsource customer service and technical support. Not TabletKiosk. Mobility Matters® so we maintain support staffs in-house in order to provide the best service possible. Additionally, our technical support staff not only answers customer questions, but they also repair and troubleshoot our Tablet PCs. That means you aren't going to be talking to someone reading from a script, but rather a technician who knows the systems inside and out... literally.

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Our products are designed for the rigors of every day business use, and therefore are built for reliability and longevity. Consumer tablets are built to be cared for as objects of desire. Our Tablet PCs are built for businesses that need to get work done.

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